Cool Carriers is one of the world’s largest operator of specialized reefer vessels. Together with our partner we have access to some 30 ships, ranging from 500,000 to 900,000 cbft. Most of the vessels have high container capacity on deck and cranes for selfsustained container handling and can be equipped with advance systems for Controlled Atmosphere (CA). All vessels are manned with specially trained crew.

Cool Carriers is involved in all the major reefer activities in a worldwide trading pattern. Our specialized reefer vessels carry Bananas, Deciduous, Citrus, Kiwifruit, Pineapples, Frozen Meat and Fish. Cool Carriers is a member of the 360Q organization and focuses heavily on being Fast, Dedicated and Direct, which is highly appreciated by our clients.

Cool Carriers’ Main Trades (Seasonally):

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Deciduous from Chile to USEC and USWC

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Kiwi from New Zealand to Europe

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Citrus from South Africa to China and Japan

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Citrus from Argentina and Uruguay to Western Mediterranean

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Fish from Alaska to Europe

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