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Cool Carriers is one of the world’s largest operators of specialized reefer vessels. The fleet consists of about 17 ships of between 500,000 and 760,000 cbft that are operated in all major reefer trades — globally. Cool Carriers has a long history in the reefer industry.


Our clients increasingly value the solutions of transport we offer to maintain the quality of their products, which improve efficiency and reduce costs. Being links in the chain of logistics, we add value to our customers’ businesses by continuously developing new and better services. We strongly believe that this can only be done by fully understanding our customers’ needs, and consequently realize the role we must play in order to meet the requirements of the customers.

We seek to be a partner rather than a supplier to our customers, and we are confident that we can live up to the demands placed upon us. Our head office is situated in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. To support our worldwide services we have offices in Chile, South Africa and USA. We also count more than 120 agents in ports around the world.

Cool Carriers

360 Quality Code

The 360 Quality Code is a set of voluntary standards for specialized reefer shipping lines and their service providers. The aim is to meet the needs of our customers by promoting the highest standard of quality and cargo care on reefer vessels, in port terminals, in liner trades and in container depots.

The Code recognizes that the specialized reefer shipping lines and their service providers have to work jointly to achieve this goal. The 360 Quality brings transparency in the supply chain of perishables and the principle is that in a collaborative supply chain everyone involved should assume responsibility for their activities and take corrective action to eliminate defects.

360 Quality Association


The 360 Quality Association is a body dedicated to improving Food Safety and Food Quality in the specialised reefer shipping. The main task of this body is to develop guidelines for the implementation of the 360 Code and develop it further to meet the needs of the market. One of the founding members of this association is Cool Carriers AB.

Since compliance with the 360 Code requires audits by independent bodies, the 360 Quality Association has developed uniform Guidelines for auditors and certification bodies that will audit the ships, terminals, trades and container depots.

Certification and audit

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The 360 Quality Code is an industry standard recognized by the major specialized shipping lines and their service providers. A collective logotype is connected to the 360 Quality Code and will be used by all ships and terminals belonging to the specialized reefer shipping mode that adhere to the requirements of the Code.

Certification and control are important elements in the use of the 360 Quality Code logotype. Classification societies and other accredited bodies that meet the approval of the 360 Quality Association will certify the ships, port terminals, trades and container depots according to certification procedures.

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